What We Do

Funny how creating materials at a tiny nanometer scale can hold such big promise for so many industrial sectors, not to mention savvy investors. In the process of designing and producing next-generation materials, Nano Labs is poised to help grow business in many industrial and consumer goods’ categories.
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Working With Us

Integration and cooperation are the operative words for our business approach. Though our foundation rests on world-class R&D, our expertise extends to immediate, real-world needs in manufacturing and marketing. We work in partnership with companies, organizations and governments to commercialize product solutions.
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Reasons to Invest

Let’s talk about another kind of economic stimulus plan – and a global one at that. Through cutting-edge nanotechnology, Nano Labs joins a burgeoning worldwide thrust that is even now affecting industries across many fronts. Can anyone say wealth creation, and economic growth?
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Partner: CIATEQ

Nano Labs is pleased to announce it has signed a General Agreement with CIATEQ, AC, Advanced Technology Center to develop projects, manufacture and produce, the Company’s proprietary nanotechnology prototypes and products.

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About Us

Nanotechnology - which in simple terms involves the manipulation of matter at molecular and atomic levels - is on its way to becoming an industrial juggernaut, and a key driver of economic growth. In this opportune setting stands Nano Labs, with innovative R&D products and an expert management team. Learn more

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