A new company with a legacy

Nano Labs is a new public company with a legacy. Founded in 2012, we nonetheless benefit from 30 years of research and development in nanotechnology, resulting from more than 500 published research papers, patents, and prototypes – all managed by a motivated team of seasoned and celebrated nanotechnology experts.

Led by one of one of the preeminent minds in the field – Professor Victor Castano – our R&D team of scientists, designers, and engineers are set to bring innovation and creativity to new levels throughout many industry sectors. The team’s goal is single-minded: to create a portfolio of products highlighting superior growth opportunities in innovation, sustainability, and emerging markets. At the same time, Nano Labs  business and marketing professionals are poised to work with industry partners with the aim of bringing innovative product solutions immediately to market.

Nano Labs is ready to be explored by all potential investors and private/public  partners who see the alchemical potential for transmuting very small nanoparticles into business opportunities – a process dependent on very special skills.

Calling Dr. Victor Castano

Our head of research and development, Professor Victor Castano, is a renowned scientist in nanotechnology. For years, people from around the world have looked to him for inspiration in the field. It’s only right that they should, since he has devoted some 30 years to nanotechnology after receiving his Doctorate in Science (Physics) from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), the only university in Mexico with Nobel Prize laureates among its alumni.

With extensive knowledge in physics, chemistry, and mathematics – and boasting numerous distinctions and memberships from academic groups around the globe – Dr. Castano has taught and has conducted research at UNAM, where he is currently a member of the faculty at the Center for Applied Physics and Advanced Technology. He also has served a visiting scientist at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center. He has written and given hundreds of papers, presentations, and book chapters as an authority in nanotechnology. As well, he serves as a Fellow of the Editorial Board of the Research Journal of Chemistry and the Environment.

Bringing the future to the here and now

Right now, Dr. Castano and his R&D team are hard at work on innovative nanotechnology initiatives and solutions designed to bring the future to the here and now.  The professor’s aim is our aim at Nano Labs – to achieve success through custom solutions, product design, development, and manufacturing. Our objective is not simply to make products better, but to build businesses – and industries.

Prospects for the immediate term

Our near-term focus rests in four main areas relating to next-generation product solutions:

  • Consumer Products (including the manufacture of textiles and electronics)
  • Energy (including activities relating to generation, distribution, and storage)
  • Materials (including the manufacture of steel, building products, coatings, and paints)
  • Bio-Science (including agriculture, medical services, and food & beverage production)

We want to assist businesses in many industries to meet the current and future needs of society. Our products and system solutions aim to conserve resources, to enhance access to better health and nutrition, and to improve quality of life. Through the use and integration of proprietary nano compounds, our mission is to improve everyday existing products – and to create revolutionary products – to bolster business, strengthen economies, and help the world progress.

A note about our stock

Nano Labs Corp. shares are now traded on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCQB) stock exchange in the United States under the ticker CTLE.*


* The information contained within our website may not be considered an offer or a solicitation to purchase any shares in Nano Labs Corp. which may only be made pursuant to the provisions of the United States securities laws.