When small looms large

In the world of nanotechnology, some of the biggest opportunities for industrial innovation and investment come from the smallest of material substances; namely, nanoparticles, which are measured in nanometers. And just how small is a nanometer? Well, look at it this way: a human hair is 60,000 nanometers in diameter, and the relationship between one nanometer and the width of that hair about equivalent to the relationship between one inch and one mile. That’s small.

The big news involves what science can now do to manipulate matter at atomic and molecular scales. Modifying particles at these levels allows for the creation of new materials and products with a vast range of applications relating to various scientific disciplines, including physics, chemistry, and biology. Nanotechnology is already at use in electronics, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, biomaterials, and energy production. Over the long term, nanotechnology may be employed in most industries to spur the development and manufacture of many commonly used industrial materials and consumer products.

A new industrial revolution

These innovations have the potential to help companies and governments create new jobs, improve the quality of manufactured goods, lower costs associated with production, and reduce energy use and pollution. And what does that spell for humanity at large – for companies and consumers at home and around the world? In many ways it could spell what amounts to a whole new industrial revolution.

At Nano Labs we believe we are at the leading edge of just such a revolution. That’s why we intend to leverage our intellectual property assets, technological strengths, and expertise to capture growth opportunities in nanotechnology applications across all borders and in all promising markets.

A slate of development projects

We have a full slate of development projects, including a number undertaken with and for business partners located in the U.S. and throughout the world. Our business model is to license our intellectual property in order to access a number of distribution channels and customers. This allows us to focus on future inventions while creating the cash flow to fuel investments in research and development. We are very optimistic that our efforts will strengthen and broaden business prospects at both OEM and aftermarket levels.

Our applied nanotechnology may affect industries providing products and services relating to plastics, performance polymers, coatings & polyurethane materials, nutrition & health; agriculture, energy, fashion, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Looking forward

We look forward to serving as a catalyst in the development of innovative product solutions based on our unique strengths. And we invite investors and potential partners to examine our potential for what is shaping up to be a very exciting journey.