A sea change for industry – and investors

Right now, the world is looking at a sea change in innovative nanotechnology, with the prospect of $2.6 trillion in global revenues – representing 15 per cent of all projected global manufacturing output – by 2014. These revenues contrast with $13 billion in 2004. Clearly, there is opportunity for investment here.

In fact, by our reckoning, nanotechnology may well represent a new industrial revolution bringing together in various ways – and at various levels – private investors, industry, government, and academia.

Think big when you think small

Of course, this industrial revolution involves not mills, steam engines, and automobiles, but products and processes on a vastly smaller scale. In fact, from a common perspective, one can try to visualize the atomic and molecular dimensions of nano science as follows: a human hair is 60,000 nanometers in diameter, and the relationship between one nanometer and that hair is about equivalent to the relationship between one inch and one mile. That’s small.

Still, there’s nothing slight about what science is capable of achieving at the level of nanotechnology. It involves new materials and products with a vast range of applications relating to an array of scientific disciplines – from physics, to chemistry, to biology. Nanotechnology is already at use in electronics, medicine, cosmetics, textiles, biomaterials, and energy production.

For the longer term, it’s not unrealistic to say that nanotechnology might be used in practically all industrial enterprises and in most manufactured products.

We believe the nanotech opportunity is clear

Nanotechnology has the potential to become a vital industrial resource that can make for better products, better processes, better goods, and a better world. It could affect industries, economies, and societies worldwide. But as an investment opportunity, it’s not something one just jumps into. A measured approach is necessary, with a view to investing in – or partnering with – the best and brightest in the nanotechnology field.

A company build on a proud foundation

Nano Labs was founded in 2012, but we boast experience and expertise based upon a record of excellence in nanotech research and development extending over three decades. This is demonstrated by our store of more than 500 peer-reviewed and published research papers, patents, and prototypes, as well as a motivated team of seasoned nanotechnology experts.

Our R&D team of scientists, designers, and engineers – lead by the renowned nanotechnology scientist Dr. Victor Castano – is bringing innovation and creativity to new levels. The team’s goal is single-minded: to create a portfolio of products focused on superior growth opportunities in innovation, sustainability, and emerging markets. At the same time, Nano Labs is set to work with industry partners to bring innovative solutions to market through leadership and cooperation supplied by our expert team of executive-level, marketing and business development professionals.

The future’s promise being applied to today’s challenges

With access to leading laboratories and technical facilities – Dr. Castano and his R&D team are hard at work on innovative nanotechnology initiatives and solutions that are bringing the future to the here and now. Our focus is sharp at Nano Labs  – to achieve success through custom solutions, product design, development, and cooperative initiatives for commercialization through partnerships.

Prospects for the immediate term

As stated ion other sections of this website, our focus is on:

• Consumer Products (textiles, electronics)
• Energy (generation, distribution, storage)
• Materials Science (steel, building products, glass, insulation, coatings and paints)
• Pharma and Healthcare (medicine, agriculture, food and beverage)

Nano Lab’s goal is to enable businesses in many industries to meet the current and future needs of society. Our products and system solutions are designed to contribute to conserving resources, improving health and nutrition, and bettering quality of life. Through the use and integration of proprietary nano compounds, our aim is to improve everyday, existing products, and to create revolutionary products, in order to advance business, economies, and human progress.

A few words about Nano Labs’ stock

Nano Labs shares are currently traded on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCQB) quotation medium in the United States under the ticker CTLE. We remain well aware that as a public company we answer to our shareholders.

Today, Nano Labs is in a period of moving from academic exploration to commercial expansion – a cycle characterized by a new period of growth into new markets and distribution channels. In relation to existing and expanding markets, we are preparing to introducing new products from our portfolio. We are also working towards gaining market share for nano materials, and identifying new revenue and profit channels.

Implementing our strategy requires extensive market planning and business development research. We are focusing on business development and commercial sales that complement our research, experience, and capabilities base.

The way forward

Nano Labs’ is exploring the right fit for joint ventures, licensing, and bank financing. We are also looking to form new bonds with private and institutional investor partners, banks, and governments.

Forward from a position of strength

As an entrepreneurial company with considerable technological expertise and boundless ambition, Nano Labs is ideally poised to take our innovative products to market, and to explore the potential for new product development across a variety of industry sectors.

Explore the possibilities

Please contact us today to learn more about what we think will be an exciting business journey during the months and years ahead.

*The information contained in our website may not be considered an offer or a solicitation to purchase any shares in Nano Labs Corp., which may only be made pursuant to the provisions of the United States security laws.