Nano Labs & Polec Industries joint venture collaboration agreement for the manufacture, distribution, marketing of Polec's technology & product. CIATEQ, AC, Advanced Technology Center to develop projects, manufacture and produce, the Company's proprietary nanotechnology prototypes and products.

Our beliefs in partnership

Nano Labs is inviting interested parties to explore our unique capabilities and the potential of nanotechnology as an industry . one that holds all the promise in the world, simply because it involves scientific applications with all the potential to effect just about every industry and consumer good on the planet. We share faith in nanotechnology and our business through core beliefs:

  • We believe that for the private investor, there is the potential for what could be significant returns.
  • We believe that for government and academia, there is the opportunity to expand knowledge through advanced research and development opportunities.
  • We believe that for industry and manufacturing, there is the promise for improved products, systems, and processes.

Our innovative products and services are available for licensing by category and/or by territory. We look for long-term relationships with key licensing and distribution partners. This may include assigning patents, licensing patents for a field of use, technology transfer, copyrights, royalty agreements, buying a product line, and other methods. We perform thorough tests and provide quality assurance before licensing. As well, we design our partner programs to include milestones and performance-based metrics to maximize the value of these programs.

Methods Of Collaboration

We offer a number of ways for companies, organizations and governments to work with us. Our collaborative vehicles include strategic, commercial, and joint-venture programs.

  • Our Strategic Partnerships focus on promoting partnerships with academic and government entities to further the development of nanotechnology, including, for example, activities in which we sponsor research by partners.
  • Our Commercial Partnerships focus on the industrial commercialization of our products and the licensing of a diverse range of our in-house, intellectual property assets to create new products for mass commercialization.
  • Our Joint Ventures focus on cooperative financial investments to commercialize new products and channels.

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